Website updates

Currently, I am overhauling the design section of my site, so look for a new design section in the future.

I will also be uploading video that I shot for the Savannah Morning News when I worked there as a web content producer. Sadly, any video I shot for, can no longer be found on that website. After the conversion to the new website in 2004, all the multimedia I did for the site was trashed/lost including audio, video and Flash presentations. Luckily, I kept backups of some of it and will be adding it to my site via

I am also thinking of starting another blog on the WordPress site. Having this blog is nice, and it will be nicer once I change the look and feel of it to more closely match my site. However, I feel like I am not getting the exposure that having a blog hosted on WordPress would give me.

New project: putting my site into php
I bought a new book last week, “Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP and MySQL”. I am sure you can tell from the book title what my next project will be.