Twitter makes a move to make money

I always wondered how a site like Twitter sustained itself cash-flow wise, so I was interested to read about @earlybird, an exclusive offers advertiser-driven Twitter

Twitters @earlybird account will offer time-sensitive and supply sensitive deals from advertisers

account. It works like this; advertiser will pay for tweets from the @earlybird account. These “offers” will be time sensitive and sometimes supply sensitive, according to the @earlybird page. People will follow @earlybird like they do any other Twitter account and can unfollow at will.

According to Lane Ulanoff or PC Magazine, @earlybird is just the first of many ad-driven Twitter accounts, “Some will be broad like this one. There’ll likely be a “supersaver” account that offers really cheap deals. Then Twitter will move to more narrow categories, such as @automotivedeals and @technologyoffers. With each new, successful slice, Twitter ad accounts will get narrower and narrower until Twitter can charge extremely high prices for ultra-vertical ad accounts.”

The beauty behind such an advertising network is that it keeps true to its own social media nature. People will retweet ads and offers they like, thus further engaging new viewers and spreading the message. Check out’s Twitter account to see something like @earlybird already in action.

Read the rest of Lane Ulanoff’s article, “Twitter Decides It’s Time to Make Some Real Money.”

What do you think of @earlybird? Are you following it? What deals would you like to see?