What should Buffalo’s waterfront look like?

So Bass Pro is not coming to Buffalo’s water front, at least not anytime soon. Now what? Here’s your chance to have your ideas heard.

Visit the City of Buffalo’s website to fill out an online form and tell Mayor Byron Brown what you think Buffalo’s waterfront should look like.

The Buffalo Expat Network (BEN), made up of former Buffalonians now living abroad, have their own online “forum” of Buffalo waterfront ideas.

Some of the suggestions mentioned on BEN and other websites include building a weather museum, mixed use/multi use development of residential and commercial properties, an indoor water park, and a year-round structure for festival use and live entertainment.

Before you make any suggestions, you might want to look around at what other cities have done with their waterfronts. Of course I know that this does not mean we can duplicate another city’s successful waterfront.

So what do you think?

One thing is for sure, if someone else mentions IKEA, I am going to scream. I am also not entirely sure about the bookstore/café idea when most major book sellers are having a hard time keeping their doors open.