Social media, as important as SEO?

According to some marketing experts, social media will be almost as important as organic search (SEO) when it comes to “business value” by 2013.

Speakers scheduled for an October Inbound Marketing Summit, were informally polled as to what advertising and marketing changes they predict happening in the next three years.  Currently, about half the speakers agree that organic search (SEO) drives the most business value today, but feel that within three years social media will play just as important of a role.

Marketing Labs and HubSpot teamed up to produce a free “preview” book for the summit which is available online as a PDF. According to the preview book:

  • Companies who blog get 55% more website visitors
  • Inbound marketing generates leads at a 60% lower cost

Overall, most marketers said that the key to using digital media is to create or offer something of value on your website/Facebook page/blog/Twitter account.

“Invest in creating exceptional content that people want to consume and share, “ said Dharmesh Shah, the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of HubSpot, an online marketing and web analytics company. “You should spend more time figuring out ways to add more value to your community than extracting immediate value from it.”