Start using twitter to effectively market your business or cause

People are not on twitter to be marketed to, not a radical idea is it? Yet, too many businesses and non-profits use twitter to do just that, according to Digital and Social Media Conultant Nicole Harrison.

“You should not be on twitter if you are not going to invest the time energy and resources to do it right,” said Nicole Harrison in her post, “People are NOT on Twitter to be Marketed To! 10 Tips for Businesses using Twitter.”

She advises businesses to build relationships with people using twitter to listen and talk with them over Twitter.

“Set up Lists and sort followers into those lists as you follow them. This will help you manage the people you follow,” writes Harrison in her other blog post, “Get it right or risk your reputation: 10 Twitter Tips for Businesses.”

Developing followers and following others builds a community for your company. Otherwise you are just blasting your message out into the twitterverse where, most likely, no one is listening.

Ok, so now you know you need to develop a following, but how does one go about developing a quality twitter following? That’s when you need a tweet plan, according to this article from the Social Media Examiner, “8 Simple Steps to Growing a Quality Twitter Following.” Developing a tweet plan is similar to any sort of planning you do: coming up with a schedule and creating the material. Start by creating some “evergreen” tweets which will be relevant weeks from today about you business or cause and make sure they are relevant to your followers and people you want to attract. The author of this article likes to work in a four-week time frame.

“After four weeks, I have more insights and feedback that I’m eager to include in the next tweet plan to create a stronger connection with my market,” writes Cindy King.

Read the rest of the article here and start working on your tweet plan.

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