The pros and cons of social media marketing

If you are wondering what’s the point to social media marketing this post from the Social Media Today is a good place to start and gives you a general over view on what social media marketing can do and can’t do for your business.

On the pro side, social media marketing is mostly free, instantaneous, helps to get your messages out virally and it allows your fans to help you spread your messages.

On the con side, it’s time consuming, doesn’t offer an instantaneous return on investment and opens up your company to comments and criticisms from others.

Social media marketing is also more than just Facebook and Twitter, this other article from Social Media Today gives an overview of the 40 most popular social networking sites in the world. LinkedIn, for example, is a very popular site for business professionals in the U.S. and the world with more than 75 million people registered. Read the article and find out other popular social media websites exist in the world.