(Un)Marketing for the 21st Century Summit & Unbook Tour

Scott Stratten’s ROI is awesome and he shared that fact with a roomful of marketing students and marketers interested in learning more about social media on Saturday at Daemen College.

Author and marketer of awesome Scott Stratten. Photo by Todd Billiar
Author and marketer of awesome Scott Stratten. Photo by Todd Billiar

Stratten’s talk was part of his book tour, organized completely on Twitter, for his book, “UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.” The Daemen College tour stop and additional speakers were organized by marketing educator and consultant Robin Wilson of Robin’s Edge and The Wilson Edge. Wilson gave examples of how social media can be used to expand a business and to achieve a goal.  Michael Cardus of Create-Learning also spoke about how social media can be used to generate ides and improve upon existing ideas.

All three speakers also addressed how marketing has changed and how social media has “leveled the playing field” and created new opportunities.

In Startten’s case, his book was written entirely on Twitter which he did not start using until 2008.  His initial thoughts on Twitter were that it was stupid and lame.

“I didn’t get much out of Twitter, because I didn’t use it much,” said Stratten.

But then Stratten decided to do an experiment, he decided to “live on Twitter” for a month. He tweeted 7,000 times and his followers went from 1,200 to 10,000 by month’s end. He also learned a lot, but what he mostly learned was no matter what medium you are using, engaging with and listening to people is what’s important.

“Listen to the paths of conversation, listen to the market and listen to competitors talk,” said Stratten. “I hate the term ‘social media’; it’s just talking. People ask, ‘What is the ROI of Twitter?’ No one ever asks what the ROI is of talking.”

Stratten also stressed the importance of blogging, posting and tweeting “awesome” ideas.

“People do not spread ‘meh’ ideas, people spread awesomeness,” said Stratten. “If it’s awesome it spreads. It’s also true if it’s awesomely bad. The day you post to be frequent instead of awesome, is the day you lose readers.”

Stratten said that the advantageous that Twitter has over Facebook is that there is no “barrier” to start using Twitter, you sign up and can immediately start tweeting and following people. However, using Twitter effectively takes time. Stratten stressed engaging in conversations with your followers and users.

“Conversations build relationships, retweets build followers,” said Stratten. “You are marketing every time you interact with someone. You always influence. People do business with people they know, like and trust.”

Trust and relationship building via social media was something also stressed by Robin Wilson of Robin’s Edge and The Wilson Edge. Wilson used one of her former students from her social media boot camp classes, small business owner Donna M. Scalfaro of Carpet Care Services, as an example of how to use social media to build a brand and promote a business.

“She set a time frame and said, ‘Come and ask me whatever questions you have about carpet cleaning and stains,’” said Wilson. “She established herself as an expert in her field.”

Read Robin Wilson’s Blog post about the event on her blog: http://robinsedge.com/social-media/hes-not-the-jack-ass-whisperer/

View photos from the event by Todd Billiar on Facebook.