Buffalo.com and MyBuffalo.com accounts to be closed

As of Tuesday, March 29, all current  Buffalo.com and MyBuffalo.com accounts will be closed and users will no longer be able to log onto  either website, according to an e-mail sent out today by the website’s administrators.

Read the e-mail sent to Buffalo.com and MyBuffalo.com account holders.

Citing that is was “time for a different direction,” Buffalo.com’s website administrators are urging users to locate any content they wish to keep by copying these items directly to their own computers.

“Only select content will remain at the site after the March 29 deadline,” the e-mail states.  “You will be able to add new content after March 29, but the old photos, videos, and blogs will be taken down.”

Users will still be allowed to login to their BuffaloNews.com account and receive newsletters, alerts, and Buffalo News classified alerts. Whether verified users will still be able to leave comments on Buffalo News stories is not known at this time.  The Buffalo News changed their commenting format after receiving numerous complaints about anonymous commentors and now requires all commentors to be verified and use their real names and places of residence when commenting on articles appearing online.

“Buffalo.com email accounts will not be affected by the changes at Buffalo.com / MyBuffalo.com.

Read the entire e-mail sent out to Buffalo.com and MyBuffalo.com account holders.