Month: May 2011

Feednamer Domain Software finds the latest keyword search terms and domain names with ease

Every day, thousands of new search terms are used on Google and other search engines. Imagine a way of knowing new and popular search terms in as little as 30 minutes. The Feednamer Domain software application allows internet marketers to know about new keyword search terms and purchase unregistered domains based on them before anyone

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A B2B Social Media Success Story: Freed Maxick & Battaglia, CPAs

Selling certified professional accounting services on the web is not easy and trying to get people to be a fan of such a firm on Facebook is even harder. “We have to make the intangible; tangible,” said Eric Majchrzak, marketing director for Freed Maxick & Battaglia, PC, Certified Public Accountants. “I think that is what

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Fuse Salon & Gallery Grand Opening and ELAB Party

I had an eventful Saturday night in Buffalo attending two events; Fuse Salon & Gallery’s Grand Opening Party and ELAB’s Party at the Larkin Center of Commerce and both were promoted through Facebook events. My first stop of the night was the grand opening of Fuse Salon & Gallery at 984 Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo.

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