Feednamer Domain Software finds the latest keyword search terms and domain names with ease

Every day, thousands of new search terms are used on Google and other search engines. Imagine a way of knowing new and popular search terms in as little as 30 minutes. The Feednamer Domain software application allows internet marketers to know about new keyword search terms and purchase unregistered domains based on them before anyone else.

Watch a video of Feednamer in action at http://feednamer.com.
Watch a video of Feednamer in action at http://feednamer.com.

Brad Gosse, creator of the Feednamer Domain software and an internet marketer with over 12 years of experience, said the software is easy-to-use and works on Mac, PC and Linux systems using Adobe Air. The software can search for one-word, two-word or three-word domain names ending in a variety of extensions, such as the ever popular .com, and also .net, .mobi, .biz and more.

How it works
Feednamer uses the RSS feeds from the websites, blogs or product feeds of your choice. An RSS Feed is essentially a skeleton of the content of a website with ads and design elements stripped out. Feednamer allows you to add as many RSS feeds as you like as easily as cutting and pasting the feed URL into the software.

Once you have your feeds added, click on “preferences” and select to search for one-word, two-word, or three-word domain names with the domain extension ending of your choice. Feednamer scans through your RSS feeds to find the latest keyword search terms. It tests every word combo in every feed title and offers the results to you. It shows you available unregistered domain names by running them through the WHOIS database.

Gosse said usually you will not find any unregistered one-word domains, but sometimes when a new word is created and becomes popular, like “blog” or “Zippergate”, it won’t be taken as a domain name. Through its use in the media, the word becomes popular and people start to use it as a search term.

“I remember a domain name that did really well a couple of years ago when the recession first hit, the news media picked up the word “staycation” – a vacation that you had at home,” said Gosse. “Someone registered that word as a domain name and was able to monetize it extremely well because it became a word that people started to use. Those are the kind of things that this software will flag in one-word domain searches.”

“Everytime I have run this (Feednamer) I found a domain that was worth registering,” said Gosse.  “Instead of being behind the trends and doing keyword research and looking at data that was two or three weeks old, you are actually on top of exactly what is happening right now. The first stuff you see is going to be the easiest to grab and register.”

Internet and affiliate marketer Justin Popovich said he likes Feednamer because it allows you to easily find new keywords ahead of the trends.

“You’re not doing keyword research after things have already hit the web,” said Popovich. “By that point you have already missed a huge chunk of the monetization opportunity. “

Currently, Feednamer is in the beta testing period and is being offered at a reduced price of $44 for a limited time. It comes with a risk free 60-day money back guarantee and can be downloaded instantly and securely at http://feednamer.com/.

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