Changes to this blog and a little about me

When I first started this blog, I had no idea what to write. I posted some writing samples I had done about appliance repair for a company I previously worked for called AP Wagner. You can still find those articles on my website under “writing.” I also talked about some non-profit work I was doing such as painting garden signs for the Buffalo ReUse community garden and listing my previous volunteer experience. Those and other articles will also be moved under the writing portion of my website.

I wanted this website to contain valuable information on things I have learned related to social media and online marketing. Along the way, I have learned about other types of information, like the job seekers networking group run by the New York State Department of Labor, and felt that was worth writing about as well because it is such an excellent source of help and not everyone knows about it or utilizes it. I would like to continue to write about such programs because I like helping people. Otherwise, from this point forward this blog will be about social media and online marketing and how Western New York uses emergent technologies to network and grow business.

Most of the information I will be writing about has been gleaned from attending meetings, seminars, and gatherings both free and paid – which I usually pay. If you are holding a class or talk on social media or marketing in the future, please feel free to contact me, I would love to blog about it before hand and if you are so generous, I would love to attend as a member of the media. I am currently unemployed and lost my position because AP Wagner was sold to another out-of-state company which then decided to consolidate operations, so there are some paid events that are just beyond my reach right now, like the upcoming Social Share Summit in Rochester, N.Y. on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at the Rochester Plaza Hotel in Rochester, N.Y. It’s just beyond my reach financially, but otherwise, sounds like a great event and if you are in a public relations, marketing or communications role with a company near Buffalo or Rochester, N.Y., you may want to consider attending.

I hope you enjoy this blog. Comments are always welcomed! Tell your friends. And, most importantly, help me find a job. Seriously, help keep another hard-working, award-winning, non-profit-volunteering person from leaving Western New York. Check out my work on my professional website. I have skills in writing for the media, online marketing and web design and would like a position in either online marketing, communications or public relations.

Plus, for the time being, the State of New York will PAY you to hire me! That’s right. Through the “On the Job Training Program,” New York State will help pay part of my salary for a period of time while I learn any skills needed in order to do the job. The job, however, must meet the following criteria:

  • located in New York State
  • full-time (defined as 35 hours or more a week),
  • not seasonal
  • pay at a minimum $10 per hour (over time and holiday pay are excluded from wage calculations)
  • NOT an independent contractor or contract employee position

Want to talk? Contact me via my website.