Online coverage of Peter Shankman’s talk in Buffalo

If you missed seeing public relations and social media marketer Peter Shankman in Buffalo yesterday (like I did), you can find coverage of his talk  “The Next Revolution Will Happen In Your Pocket” on Twitter and so far just one blog, although I hope there is more to come.

Steve Bell, partner/director of public affairs at Eric Mower + Associates, attended Shankman’s talk yesterday. Bell writes Shankman as saying:

  • “Fans and likes mean nothing if they don’t create revenue.”
  • “Good writing remains crucial. But writing today is about brevity. Good writing is brevity. Headlines. Brevity is social media.”
  • “You can’t get away with lying. No one can fake it anymore. You will be caught. You will suffer.”

Many of these same pieces of information are repeated in the Twitter chat coverage of his visit (#shankmaninbuffalo). I selected a few of my favorite tweets below:

#shankmaninbuffalo Twitter Chat from @snephew25 #shankmaninbuffalo Twitter Chat from @@ashleij #shankmaninbuffalo Twitter Chat from @alyssamayer #shankmaninbuffalo from @mwmarcom Finally, sent a photographer to cover the people attending the talk with plenty of photos of Shankman himself.