Connected Experiences in a Multi-Screen World, Tuesday, Feb 25

Quick update, don’t forget tonight’s Ad Lab  event “Connected Experiences in a Multi-Screen World” at 6 p.m. today at The Saturn Club, 977 Delaware Ave.  Buffalo.

From AdLab’s event listing: Jason Dailey of Microsoft will discuss how marketers can create more powerful and relevant messages for our multi-screen world. He should know – he’s the senior director of Bing Evangelism.

He and his team are responsible for ‘cultivating deep relationships with advertisers and agencies, driving awareness, perception and adoption of Bing and Bing Ads, and partnering with Yahoo! to unlock the value of the Search Alliance.’

What does that all mean? In short, they ensure marketing and advertising efforts are effective on all devices and platforms; a large task considering the constant evolution of technology.”

Tickets are still available online at