Help back this Buffalo business: The Creation Station

Only nine days remain to back “The Creation Station” CNC Machine Kickstarter campaign and snag yourself a high-quality, low cost CNC router machine and help fund a new Buffalo business.

CNC stands for “computer numeric control” and is a computer controlled machine router that can cut shapes out of whatever material is placed in it. This technology has been used in manufacturing for years and even though there are consumer level CNC machines out there, they are low quality with small work areas according to Victor Konshin, creator of “The Creation Station” CNC Machine.

Konshin designed the machine with a 24″ x 24″ x 5″ work area and with high torque stepper motors, advanced motor drivers and ball bearing lead screws for high-speed cutting with plenty of torque. It can cut foam, wood, plastic, aluminum, brass, stone, ceramic, tile, glass — anything softer than steel.

In addition to the machine, two different software bundles are being offered. The software allows for the design of items (or import designs from other design applications) and specifies the cutting tool paths that the Creation Station will use to cut the shape.  The software will generate the G-code needed to run the Creation Station.

The Creation Station is being offered to backer who pledge $649 or more with additional perks being offered to those at higher levels. The Kickstarter has already been fully funded, but any additional money raised will go towards adding additional features to the machines.

“After fulfilling the orders I hope to have enough cash left over to make a business out of selling CNC machines and other technology products,” said Konshin, president of Innovation Squared LLC. “I have a list of product ideas that I am want to develop. I also want to expand on and improve the Creation Station product.”

For more information, or to back the project, visit or