Perfect Pairings: Social Media and Technology

hird annual Perfect Pairings event

If you missed tonight’s Social Media Club of Buffalo’s event, you missed some amazing talks on how people are using technology and social media in their careers.

Jack Karlis, communication professor at Buffalo state college, uses social media to interact with his students and he also teaches a course on social media strategies. Each semester, his class adopts an external client and researches the client’s target audience to develop a social media strategy for that client.

“A lot of people say they can do social media, but not a lot of people know how to really strategize and do the science behind it,” said Karlis.

Using online surveys, focus groups and marketing data, –including social media usage – the students develop a social media strategy for that client. They also analyze what their client’s competitors are doing on social media as well, so that it’s competitive. Each group’s grade is partly dependent on what the client thinks of the plan.

“There’s not one blanket plan in social media; it’s very unique to the client,” said Karlis.

Adrian T Dayton, founder and creator of ClearView Social, talked about his entrepreneurial journey and how it started with using Twitter. His love of the social media platform lead him to writing a book, “Social Media for Lawyers: Twitter Edition,” and to his own consulting business teaching law firms how to use social media.

Dayton went on to start ClearView Social and said staying out in front of social media trends is important.

“The power of social media; it’s really lost if you just get on board and do what everyone else is doing,” said Dayton. “The real power in it is if you’re able to get ahead of your peers and other competitors.”

Block Club Brand Manager Pat Sandora-Nastyn and Social Media Manager and Designer at The Public Billy Sandora-Nastyn, talked about starting their YouTube channel together and also how they use social media in their careers.

“When we got engaged, we realized it was the perfect opportunity to talk about something that was not being talked about, which is basically two guys getting married and all the questions that come along with that,” said Billy Sandora-Nastyn. “We got all the questions from our friends and family and it was fed into us and we were able to start the channel off of that.”

“We created the structure to maintain the creation process, so every video was about a question we got like ‘Who proposed to who? Do you wear engagement rings?’ That generated our content,” said Pat Sandora-Nastyn.

Billy and Pat talked with each other about how much of their life they would share online, which they say they share ‘with a limit.’

“We created a very strong structure of what we would share and what we wouldn’t share and the message that is Billy and Pat,” said Billy.

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